Skippin Stones

Solo, Duet, Band

Charlie Milkey - Bass

Timothy Schmidt - Drums, Percussion and vocal

Currently performing with local Jazz, R&B and several variety groups for over 15 years. Charlie brings his passion, skill and personality to each tune he performs. His ability to blend different types of bass styles from groups like Orchid, Death Of A Ladies Man and Cysters. He started performing with the Symphonic UWS Band and gradually that dwarfed into multi styles of music. “If there was one song that influenced my wanting to play and perform bass it would be the song “Smoke on the water” from the 70s. My Dad and that song were the inspiration for picking up the bass guitar and continuing the music tradition of our family has had for many years.

About Russell - Guitar, Vocal

Singer, entertainer, writer, performer

Russell is a well Traveled musician, entertaining audiences for years with a set list blend of music that includes Folk, Acoustic Rock, Americana, Jazz, Contemporary hits and Mainstream pop/rock/indie rock. A seasoned professional and an experienced, versatile singer he has, at times been referred to as "a Human Jukebox"!  Throughout his career, he has performed, recorded and worked with a variety of amazingly talented musicians and artists. His recording titles include “Simple Song”, ”Jacobs Well”, “Rise Up” and “Dreamland”.

As an artist and performer and it’s exciting to see the audience connect to their favorite tunes in such a positive way". In addition to working as a solo-artist, Russell also performs with Skippin Stones as a Duet, Trio or full band.

Member of "Minnesota Songwriters", "The Musicians Union" and "Musicians Without Boarders"

"Forever grateful, my music roots were nourished by my family, parents support as well as 13 siblings, the larger family and freinds. Their dynamic variety, taste and passion for music were and are a defining influence in my writing and performing”.

Russell is also a songwriter and may include his original material in performances when requested.

He has a comfortable stage presence, warm personality that leaves a lasting impression with his audiences.

The Band

Tim is an accomplished drummer, vocalist and performer who has worked with multiple bands, in mid-west studios and on several recording projects from R&B, Reggae and Jazz . He picked up instruments at an early age and has played violin and guitar. His true passion has been drums and percussion. Tim also uses his music skills for Yamaha Music International.Giving training and product knowledge seminars at various music stores on Drums and Keyboard. His ability to perform multiple music styles has allowed him to perform a wide breadth of  venues and genres.


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